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Jiandi, 10-Pack, KN95/FFP2 5-Layer Respirator Protective Face Mask, CE certified


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● PERFORMANCE: KN95 and FFP2 refer to the Chinese and European standards for Filtering Facemasks. This mask has several K95 markings, but has additionally been tested to the European FFP2 standard, evaluated and approved by an EU notified body (number 0370) according to the EU FFP2 standard EN 149:2001+A1:2009. The notified body documentation can be downloaded underneath the product picture.
● PROTECTIVE DESIGN: In addition to droplets and splashes, the 5 layers of these masks filter at least 94% of particles <0.1 microns in size suspended in the air (aerosols) which includes bacterial and viral pathogens. This offers protection to the wearer, as well as others.
● SECURE DESIGN: The built-in soft, adjustable nose clip and cup design provides comfort and safety through its secure fit to the face of most adults. The 5 layers are held in place using a process in which all 5 layers are pressed together ensuring the maximum filtration capabilities of the mask, these should not be mistaken for holes.
● PACKAGE: The package includes 10 disposable FFP2 certified respirators. These are single use disposable masks for adults.

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6970073740070 , 6973233230008

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2KN95 FFP2

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Masks FFP2

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