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Millhouse Dining Chairs Retro Style Side Dining Office Modern Lounge Chair (White-4)


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● Dimensions: Seat height 44cm / Width 45cm / Depth 53cm / Back height 81cm
● Material: Made from Polypropylene with beech wood legs
● Our Millhouse Dining chairs are available in a wide range of beautiful colours: White, Olive, Ocean, Black, Yellow, Mustard, Steel Grey, Warm Grey and Light Cream. These chairs will in a well packaged box with a lot of protection to ensure they arrive to you safely and in impeccable condition.
● These Millhouse chairs are not your ordinary chairs. They are extremely comfortable with their moulded seats that are designed to be suitable for all. The seats are made of smooth Polypropylene which is dyed through so the colour does not fade away – making these chairs both comfortable and durable. Our Millhouse chairs are also perfect showpieces that can be displayed in your bedroom, office, kitchen or living room.
● These chairs can be used as occasional chairs or as dining chairs and you can make them work in any way that suits you and your home. Make these chairs eye-catching seats in an empty space or gather everybody around the dining table. These iconic chairs will certainly make everyone feel ultramodern with their unique inspired legs made of beautiful beech wood. Our Millhouse chairs guarantee both comfort and quality.


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